Life in Japan is where our history and the history of Technology remains. We have assets via Direct West International into the Indexes and Public Companies on the TSE.

Japanese culture is the adopted way of our Corporate Methodology. Please come and see Direct West Japan.

日本での生活が我々 の歴史と技術の歴史に残るです。私たちは、東証にダイレクト ウェスト国際インデックスと上場企業による資産があります。

Requests for Search and Rescue/Family Support Services funding directions are free to post here for the recent tragedies facing Japan. You can email your credentials to dcom@directwestcorp.com, and we will list your information below.

I am the head of the Malaysia humanitarian aid to Japan, Hussien Ahmed. Japan has suffered the worst disaster since WWII. The earthquake and tsunami that took place recently have killed over 10,000 people and caused widespread damage. There are at least 100,000 people who are in mourning for their lost loved ones or who are injured.
There are many more that are without food, water or electricity. A lot of children are homeless, it has been a sad and bad story to tell for some of us that have been there.
We will appreciate whatever you can afford to assist the little children and some homeless families.
Name: Hussien Ahmed
Address: 17A, Jalan Kuchin Seksyen, Mahkota Melaka, Malaysia

Thanks in advance for your help
Disaster Relief,
Donate 2.00 to Japanese Disaster Relief.
**All donated monies will be given to Japanese relief companies for assistance in re-establishment for displaced families.

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