Investing in US

If you are interested and seriously have the revenue to buy our registered securities from our Publicly funded shares, All you have to do is Contact TD Waterhouse and request payment methods into Dean Stratton President and CFO of Direct West Communications Inc Public Trading Account. The Corporate paperwork for investment into our companies, accounts, jurisdictions and legal registrations in Canada and the United States of America, Click here for a guided Silverlight Tour of Direct West Legal.

Share Purchasing is Issue to Buyer and unlimited to which Security as regulated by FINRA and the TSX. Our Public class of share is worth $66.67 CDN/Share. Please pay in advance to our Trading account at TD Waterhouse and we will recieve your order and ship within 30 days the Certificates.

Purchase Issue to Buyer Stock:


If Share Purchasing for our Redemption Class stock is unlimited in volume. It is regulated by the World Trade Organisation and open to trade at the Redemption value of $100.00 CDN/Share, issue to Redeemer duly signed by issued subscriber.

Purchase Class C Trading Stock:


Consider The United States for your buying of Public Shares from Direct west Brokerage Inc, we have two Federal with the District of Columbia Trading Accounts which can be utilized through Wunderlich Securities as endorsed by Philip Zanone. For day to day investing needs for our Federal Accounts in the United States of America, you can contact us via email attn: Investor Relations, New York, NY USA.

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